29 juil. 2017 Lexington (États-Unis)


Jacobs Science Building (JSB), room: 108.

On Ellipsis

Ellipsis is a central phenomenon at the interface between syntax, semantics, phonology and discourse. It has been, and continues to be, the focus of numerous publications (see e.g., Craenenbroek and Termmerman 2017). Despite a huge amount of theoretical work (from, e.g., Hankamer and Sag 1976 to current work by Johnson, Kehler, Merchant, van Craenenbroek) and a long tradition in psycho- and neurolinguistic experimentation (from Murphy 1985 and Tanenhaus and Carlson 1990 to current work by Frazier, Runner, Kertz, Kaan, etc.), major questions remain open, most centrally the question of whether it is necessary to hypothesize the existence of unpronounced syntactic structure at the ellipsis site.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers who have been working on elliptical phenomena (VP ellipsis, sluicing, gapping, RNR, etc.) in various languages, with special emphasis on solid empirical data, specifically through experimentation (acceptability and eye-tracking experiments, in particular) and corpus investigations.

Contributions will be welcome concerning

  • the syntax and semantics of ellipsis using experimental methods;
  • the way corpus data can be brought to bear on theoretical questions;
  • how corpus data can interact with experimental results;
  • the presentation of new resources, such as ellipsis annotation (e.g. Bos and Spenader 2011, Anand and McCloskey 2015).

A round table will be organized during the workshop on the creation of one or more ellipsis databases allowing researchers to share their data and experimental materials.

A special issue journal publication is planned for a selection of contributions to the workshop.



The Institute organizers have prepared an exclusive offer for accommodation. University of Kentucky housing has designated an on-campus block in one of the new residence halls of the university, Haggin hall. For just $35 per night, you will have a shared suite – with two private bedrooms; for those who prefer the suite to be rented as a private place, the suite can be rented for $60 per night. The building is just steps from the Jacobs Science Building, where the event will be held. The on-campus residence halls have central air conditioning, (shared) kitchen space, meeting rooms and laundry facilities; besides, the suites are just a short walk away from the downtown. It is the place to be! For more detailed information about accommodation, please click on this link.

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